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Jumping to Support Great Athletes: PA3 at the Special Olympics of NJ

June 9, 2012: For a third straight year, PA3 sent a group of volunteers to the Special Olympics of New Jersey.  Our team had the privilege of assisting with the Long Jump event.  We all enjoyed an afternoon of taking meticulous measurements, preparing the athletes for their giant leaps, and enjoying awards ceremonies alongside athletes and coaches.  Special thanks to our volunteers Haiyan Bian, Arlen Hastings ’80, Andrew Lieu ’06, Rachael Edelson, Elizabeth Jacobson k10, and Zhijun Wu p09(pictured left to right).

Sonj_6_9_12_g Sonj_6_9_12_e
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Community Service - Special Olympics of NJ ( Saturday, June 9, 2012 - 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM )
Location: The College of New Jersey
Organized by: PA3 Community Service

Posted by lieu2u about 8 years ago.


Bollards & Trash at D&R Canal State Park

March 24, 2012: A dozen PA3 volunteers spent a Saturday morning improving a stretch of the D&R Canal State Park. One crew erected bollards to prevent vehicular access to the canal path, while another collected trash from along the roadside and path. Pictured left to right in the group photo: Nell Whiting so69, Rick from the State of NJ (our mentor for the day), Zhijun Wu p09, Kristin Epstein '97 (with two daughters standing in front), Arlen Hastings '80, Arthur Eschenlauer '56, Jim Robertson (holding daughter), Tom Hastings '79, Sara Hastings '09 and Dan Hayes-Patterson '09. Thanks, everybody!

D_r_group_3_24_12 P1010040 P1010049 P1010053
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Community Service: State Park Maintenance ( Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM )
Location: Trenton Marsh

Posted by Arlen over 8 years ago.


Serving the Community: PA3 at Crisis Ministry Food Pantry

January 28, 2012: PA3 volunteers spent their Saturday morning at the Crisis Ministry Food Pantry in Bethany Church, Trenton, where they transformed a storage room into a client waiting room and sorted donated food items.

Volunteers (l-r in group photo) were Ravonne Nevels '14, Arlen Hastings '80, Tom Hastings '79, Amy Lai '06, Joe Voigtsberger '82, Bill Stowe '68 and Zhizhun Wu p09.

For information about volunteer opportunities at the Crisis Ministry, please see

P1010033 P1010027 P1010024 P1010031
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Community Service - Crisis Ministry Food Pantry ( Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM )

Stocking shelves & helping clients

Location: Crisis Ministry's Trenton Food Pantry

Posted by Arlen over 8 years ago.


PA3 Blazes a Trail

November 12, 2011: While several thousand unhappy Princeton fans watched their football team fall to Yale, a dozen Princeton fans of another sort enjoyed a rewarding day clearing a mile-long trail in the beautiful St. Michael’s Preserve in Hopewell. Volunteers (as shown in the group photo) were, rear row: Paul Nehring ’10, Lauren Senesac GS, Doug Ling ’83, Philo Elmer ’69; front row: Victoria Stabile p11, Cole Schlesinger GS, Arlen Hastings ’80, Jim Robertson ’91 with daughter Kiri, Lydia Zaininger ’83, and Alexandra Ling, Doug’s daughter. Jim Amon, D&R Greenway’s stewardship director, led the way and told us about the ecology of the preserve.

More photos on Facebook.

Cimg4048 Cimg4043 Cimg4051
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Community Service - Trail Work, St. Michael's Preserve ( Saturday, November 12, 2011 - 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM )
Location: Hopewell

Posted by Arlen over 8 years ago.


PA3 to the Rescue

PA3 members volunteered to help collect and sort clothing donated to the Rescue Mission of Trenton at the West Windsor Farmers Market on August 20, 2011. Pictured: Zhijun Wu p09, Kristin Epstein '97 with her two daughters, and Haiyan Bian.

Posted by Arlen almost 9 years ago.