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PA3 Makes a Splash at SONJ Summer Games

July 8, 2011: Thanks again to Sabrina King ’01 for her stellar work organizing this year’s PA3 volunteer day at the Special Olympics New Jersey Summer Games on June 12. Her excellent summary is below, as are a couple of photos. The group picture looks like it was taken from the bottom of the swimming pool – but at least you can make out those awesome PA3 hats. The in-focus picture shows Amy Lai ’06 at the awards ceremony.


The SONJ group consisted of Elizabeth Jacobson k10, Rachael Edelson, Amy Lai ’06, Elizabeth Henry ’88, her husband Keith Henry and daughter Lauryn Henry, Haiyan Bian, Doug Henn *83, Katherine Tenaglia ’07, and Sabrina King ’01.

Most of us were grouped with the aquatics awards, so after the athletes competed, they came up to receive their medals. Between lining the athletes up, organizing the medals, and escorting the athletes to the podium, we were kept busy. It was rewarding to see all the athletes come through, excited to be on stage with flowers in hand and medals around their necks! Other PA3 volunteers got pulled from the group to do security and aquatics timing. Thanks to everyone who came out for the fun day, and we hope more can join next year!

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Posted by Arlen almost 13 years ago.


PA3 Recognized for Community Service

May 27, 2011: The PA3 Committee on Community Service received the 2011 Community Service Award, given annually by the Alumni Council Standing Committee on Community Service "for recognition of outstanding contributions by groups of Princetonians in their efforts to address critical social, economic and environmental needs throughout our society, particularly in local communities." The award was presented by Mary Koger ’86, Chair of the Alumni Council Standing Committee on Community Service, at the Alumni Council Annual Meeting on May 27, 2011.

Posted by Arlen about 13 years ago.


Pine Barrens Trail Work CANCELED (3 times)

May 18, 2011: Our planned trail clearing work in the New Jersey Pine Barrens was rained out three times in April and May, and we've run out of open dates this spring to reschedule. We'll try to organize a comparable activity later in the summer or fall.

Related Events

Community Service - Trail Work - CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER ( Sunday, May 15, 2011 - 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM )
Location: New Jersey Pine Barrens
Organized by: PA3 Community Service Committee & NJ Conservation Foundation

Posted by Arlen about 13 years ago.


PA3 Volunteers Sort Donations at the Rescue Mission

January 8, 2011: The Community Service Committee proudly reports that all five volunteers who came out to sort clothing for the Rescue Mission of Trenton's monthly volunteer day on Saturday, January 8, were from PA3. Pictured (l-r): Joe Voigtsberger '82, Marian Zelazny p11, Olek Zelazny p11, and Halina Bustin s70. Committee chair Arlen Hastings '80 was behind the camera. Joe and Olek display some donated items.

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Posted by Sara over 13 years ago.


PA3 Visits Rescue Mission of Trenton

December 11, 2010: Nine PA3 members visited the Rescue Mission of Trenton for a morning of learning and service. Picture on left was taken in the women’s emergency shelter. PA3 volunteers (pictured l-r) were Grace Penn ’99, Ed Andrews ’71, John Penrod *94, George McLaughlin ’58, Tom Pyle ’76, Arlen Hastings ’80, Sara Hastings ’09, Tom Hastings ’79, and Sunu Joseph p13.

According to its literature, the Rescue Mission “helps struggling individuals in Trenton by providing them with shelter, food, and substance abuse treatment.” This is an understatement; the Rescue Mission, which occupies a full city block, provides an impressive array of services and learning opportunities on both an ongoing and emergency basis. It was abundantly clear that the Rescue Mission takes seriously its commitment to “create an environment where its clients can live with dignity, build self-esteem, and experience love, responsibility and hope.”

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: The Rescue Mission offers classes and individual tutoring for its resident clients. Volunteers who are able to make a weekly commitment are currently needed to teach a GED writing class (Mondays from 5-6) and a basic computer skills class (Fridays from 1-2). There are openings on Sundays at 11 and Tuesdays at 2 for volunteers who would like to design their own classes. Tutors are needed weekdays from 5-6 , or on weekend mornings, to work with individuals. For more information about ways to volunteer, click here. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jennifer Sanderson of the Rescue Mission staff, with a copy to Arlen Hastings, PA3 Community Service chair, and identify yourself as a PA3 member.

If you would like to volunteer but can't make a weekly commitment, the Rescue Mission also welcomes volunteers on the first Saturday of every month from 10:00-12:30 to assist in a variety of projects including sorting clothing for the thrift store, painting and cleaning.

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Posted by Arlen over 13 years ago.