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Propellers Information Page

The Princeton Propellers:  What We Do


The Princeton Propellers, formed in March, 2016, stimulate and foster entrepreneurship --- across the entire Princeton Gown & Vicinity ecosystem, by bringing together a diverse set of players whose paths would not normally cross:  faculty, students, alumni, bankers, venture capitalists, attorneys and other stakeholders who support technical innovation in the Greater Princeton area.


We meet at Quadrangle Club, 33 Prospect Avenue, adjacent to the Princeton Campus, on the Second Tuesday of each month (September – June) 6 – 8 P for a cocktail party, anchored by an entrepreneur's issue-oriented talk, followed by vigorous Q & A.  Our slogan is "Getting Things Off the Ground --- and Bringing Them Back to Earth!"  That's what Propellers do.


Keep the Propellers Flying!

 The Propellers are entirely donations-funded.  

FULLY TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contributions can be made:
By check:  to “The Princeton Area Alumni Association (PA3)”
  Fouad J. Masrieh, Treasurer
1009 Barclay Blvd., Princeton, NJ
(Please stipulate “for the Propellers”)  
OR by PayPal or Credit Card.

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