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Princeton Plasma Physics Lab tour

This event has been postponed until later this year. Please check back for updates.

Posted by frankederby over 2 years ago.


April 2019 Propeller







Please Join Us for Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres


6 p.m., TUESDAY, April 9th, 2019

Speaker:  Evan J Conte, MD

Trenton Orthopaedic Group at the Rothman Institute

“Pioneering Techniques in Shoulder Replacement: 

Past, Present and Future”

In 1893 Paris, the first shoulder replacement was performed on a 37 year-old man with destructive tuberculosis of the shoulder joint.  From this experimental last resort, using a simple but ingenious design of platinum and natural rubber, shoulder replacement has become a common and routine surgery.  It has transformed from an initial indication to treat degeneration of a joint to a solution for complex fractures and even failed rotator cuff tears.  After reviewing the anatomy, history and biomechanics involved, shoulder surgeon Evan Conte will discuss the future of shoulder replacement and, in particular, how it will incorporate advances in computer-aided design, biomedical imaging and 3D printing to enable patient-specific approaches to complex pathologies.

Registration Required via

NEXT PRINCETON PROPELLER:  Tuesday, May 14th (6 P)

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April Princeton Propellers ( Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM )

Speaker: Evan J Conte, MD, Trenton Orthopaedic Group at the Rothman Institute
“Pioneering Techniques in Shoulder Replacement: Past, Present and Future”

Location: Quadrangle Club, 33 Prospect

Posted by frankederby over 2 years ago.


First Friday Lunch - April 5, 2019

Join us for First Fridays, a monthly recurring event for undergraduate and graduate Princeton alumni, graduate students, and parents.  On the first Friday of each month, area alumni and their guests will meet to enjoy a prix fixe luncheon at the Nassau Club in downtown Princeton.  As a special bonus for PA3, a Princeton University PhD candidate will present his/her work to the group in this informal setting.  Topics vary monthly and are always interesting!  Have a look at our impressive roster of previous luncheons

Matthieu Dutil


A native of Angers, France, Matthieu Dutil is a first-year Ph.D. Student in the Department of French and Italian at Princeton University. His interests lie at the intersection of literature and science in texts written by naturalist philosophers in the eighteenth century, with a focus on animal studies, in particular the study of insects (entomology). As a first-year student, Matthieu has not yet decided on a topic for his thesis, but he still has an idea of where his interests are leading him. Focusing on the genre of science fiction, Matthieu aims to understand the epistemological questions involved in the writing of such a literature, as well as the impact that it can have in scientific fields. Focusing on the study of insects, Matthieu wants to understand science fiction in a larger way and therefore wants to confront texts from the eighteenth century and contemporary novels to understand the legacy of a particular way of writing that led to what we call today science fiction.

Matthieu received a B.A. in English Literature with honors from the Université Catholique de l’Ouest (Catholic University of the West) in his hometown, and an M.A. in French Literature from The University of Hawai’i at Manoa.


Please join us!  As always, there is sure to be a lively discussion.


Specially priced at $25/person (or $30 if you choose not to pay PA3's annual dues),

lunch includes an appetizer, entree, dessert and coffee/tea.

Wine/beer offered a la carte - select Enhanced Lunch Ticket on the PayPal button below.


Pre-registration is required, by 9am on the day of the luncheon.

Date: Friday, April 5, 2019
Time: 12 noon - 2 pm
Location: Nassau Club, 6 Mercer St, Princeton, NJ
Nassau Club membership is not necessary to attend this event.
Dress is business casual.

>> Looking forward to seeing your orange and black! <<

First Friday Lunch Ticket
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First Friday Luncheon ( Friday, April 5, 2019 - 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM )

Matthieu Dutil, PhD Candidate, Dept of French and Italian will discuss his work on Entymology in 18 century French literature.

Location: Nassau Club, 6 Mercer St, Princeton
Cost: $25/person dues-paying mbrs; $30 others
Organized by: PA3

Posted by lydia over 2 years ago.


Princeton University Solar Collector Field Tour

Princeton University's Solar Collector Field can only seen from the Dinky, and since that is not running, come with us on a private tour!!

Friday April 12 @ 4:00pm
With 16,528 photovoltaic panels covering 27 acres, Princeton‘s solar collector field is among the largest single installations at a U.S. college or university.  The project site is located on land adjacent to Princeton‘s main campus between the New Jersey Transit "Dinky" spur line.  The project was built on land that holds the “spoils” from dredging Lake Carnegie back in the 1970s, so it would have been quite challenging to farm or locate a building there. 
Princeton University’s Solar Field is now even more sustainable thanks to a fleecy flock that keeps the 27 acres trim and tidy. The new ewe system is a creative and economical way to keep grass and weeds from reducing the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels that provide solar energy to campus. The 75 Katahdin sheep have been dining out at solar fields in the state for years!
Our tour is slated for Friday April 12 at 4:00pm.   Space is limited, so please let us know if you are interested by Tuesday April 2nd.    Send your name to Tom at so we can reserve your space.  Upon receipt, we will send you all the pertinent details as to where to meet!  Kids are welcome but alas, our furry friends would probably not do to well with the sheep!!

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Tour of Princeton University Solar Fields ( Friday, April 12, 2019 - 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM )

Come along with PA3 for a private tour of the Princeton University Solar Field. Contact Tom at

Location: Princeton University
Cost: tbd
Organized by: PA3 & Princeton University Facilities

Posted by Teegger over 2 years ago.


Nassau Hall Faculty Room Tour


You Have Never Seen Nassau Hall Like This!

Please join us as PA3 presents an exclusive, private, and guided visit to Princeton’s Faculty Room in Nassau Hall on Tuesday, April 30 from 5 -6 pm. Open free of charge to all PA3 members* but rsvp required by Monday, April 29. Rsvp to

The Faculty Room in Nassau Hall has been called “the symbolic center of the university” by Professor Karl Kusserow, author of “Inner Sanctum, Memory and Meaning in Princeton’s Faculty Room” and John Wilmerding Curator of American Art at the University Art Museum. The portraits displayed there “create a distinct historical narrative” and their story is echoed in the room itself. Professor Kusserow will lead us through an exploration of the history and significance of one of  the most iconic spaces on the Princeton campus – and one which many alumni have never seen. Portraits of George Washington at the Battle of Princeton, of James Madison, John Witherspoon and of other past Princeton presidents back to our origins as a college -- not to mention those of England’s King George II and of William of Nassau -- will delight and inform PA3 members. Open to all PA3 members (*Annual membership starts at $20 for Young Alumni. To join, go to: and please remember to RSVP.

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Nassau Hall Faculty Room Tour ( Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM )

Did you know the Continental Congress, having fled Philadelphia out of fear that soldiers demanding back pay might riot, met in Nassau Hall, making it temporarily the capitol of the United States in 1783?

Come learn many more fascinating facts on this private tour by Professor Karl Kusserow.

Free to PA3 Members. More info at Posting link below. RSVP to George at

Location: Nassau Hall, Nassau Street at Witherspoon, Princeton, NJ 08540
Cost: Free to Members
Organized by: Princeton Area Alumni Association

Posted by Teegger over 2 years ago.