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Community Service: Volunteer Day with the Ballet!

Please help support the PA3 by paying your 2019/2020 annual dues today!
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Volunteer Day with the Ballet!

August 16, 2014  
10 am - 12:30 pm
New Brunswick, NJ
Followed by optional lunch at Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe

Come help PA3 at the ARB in NB!

Alongside staff and the PA3-PICS summer intern, help the American Repertory Ballet with some much needed TLC - specifically the studio and office - including minor repairs, painting, and organizing. 

American Repertory Ballet 
@ The Crossroads Theatre
7 Livingston Ave. 
4th Floor
New Brunswick, NJ.
Go to the door on the left side of the building and ring the ARB bell.

Can't make it in the morning? Join us for lunch at 12:30...
Harvest Moon Brewery & Cafe
392 George St.
New Brunswick, NJ

Please RSVP to

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