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Community Service: ISLES 2014 PICS internship

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ISLES 2014 PICS internship

Founded in 1981, Isles, Inc. is a community development and environmental organization based in Trenton, New Jersey. With a mission to foster self-reliant families and healthy, sustainable communities, we design and develop effective services that support this mission and share what we learn with others who can make a difference.   

10 week internship:
Isles will offer a Video Production internship to a qualified Princeton student. This project will include: 
·       Researching Isles and becoming familiar with our current services and offerings 
·       Working with Isles’ Chief Operating Officer and Resource Development team to determine video focus and content 
·       Shadowing Isles employees to gain first-hand understanding of Isles’ work 
·       Filming Isles services, as well as interviews with Isles’ staff,  customers, and other stakeholders 
·       Editing footage into short (approximately 1 minute) videos 
·       Posting content on Isles’ YouTube account (or other sites to be determined)   

The intern will create a minimum of four videos, which will focus on Isles’ service areas: 
·       Revitalizing communities 
·       Training and educating 
·       Building wealth 
·       Living green and healthy   

Depending on the capacity of the intern, additional videos to be created may include: 
·       General Isles’ history 
·       Mill One – This is a placemaking project, involving the redevelopment of a disused factory is a distressed area, for the purposes of community development 
·       Drilling down on Isles service areas (such as a short video on Isles Youth Institute and a separate video on Isles Center for Energy and Environmental Training, both part of the “training and educating” focus area) 
·       Profiles of Isles staff/board members   

The Princeton student is expected to benefit greatly from this internship. He or she will gain insight into nonprofit organization and management, as well as the local Trenton community. The intern will strengthen their interpersonal skills through interaction with staff and local community members. Because the intern will often be expected to work independently, he or she will also strengthen time management and project management skills as well as sharpen technical filming and editing abilities.  At the end of the 10 weeks, the intern will have produced a minimum of four short, high-quality videos that can be added to their professional portfolios. 

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