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Community Service: PA3 Back to School Event: Getting Teacher Evaluations Right

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PA3 Back to School Event: Getting Teacher Evaluations Right

On October 25, 2012, a crowd of about 40 Tigers (PA3 members and alumni of the Teacher Prep program) gathered together to hear a lively panel discussion led by Timothy Matheney '89, who is the Director of Evaluation for NJ Department of Education.  Other panelists included Kathy Chesmel '85, Ph.D, John Yi '03, Kwame Ivery '93, and Sarah Paine '08.  The topic of the discussion was "Getting Teacher Evaluations Right."  Thank you to our panelists and to all who attended!

Raising support for local Trenton Schools: As part of the event, PA3 asked our members to consider a financial or school supplies donation that would go towards teachers at local schools, including Trenton High West, Trenton Central High School, and Ewing High School.   

Our sincere appreciation goes out to all who donated resources to support our local teachers!  PA3 members donated $1,110 in cash contributions as well as a plethora of school supplies (including binders, paper, markers, graphing calculators, and more).  In addition, PA3 was pleased to provide a matching gift of $2,000, for a total cash donation of $3,110.  An awesome effort!

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PA3 Back to School: Getting Teacher Evaluations Right ( Thursday, October 25, 2012 - 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM )
Location: Princeton University

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