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Open Opportunities for PA3 from Alumni Corps

Princeton AlumniCorps invites you to volunteer your time and talent at a local nonprofit organization through the Community Volunteers program.

Community Volunteers connects alumni with significant career experience to nonprofits with critical needs. Alumni volunteer their professional skills 
to fill these needs through short-term, well-defined projects.  Gain new professional experience and expand your network while helping the community. Our nonprofit partner organizations have strong Princeton ties and are doing amazing work- providing innovative environmental education, engaging college students to educate prisoners and empowering disadvantaged children.


For more information about each of these opportunities, please visit our Opportunities page. To apply, please complete your Volunteer Profile.

**All of these projects can be done remotely after an initial on-site meeting.


The Delaware River Steamboat Floating Classroom, Inc. (SPLASH) is an educational non-profit foundation, in the greater Princeton area, which provides adventures in learning environmental science and history aboard a real paddlewheel steamboat and is offering three fun opportunities.  SPLASH was started by the late Princeton professor and renowned psychologist, Bart Hoebel.  Open projects include Marketing Specialist Website Consultant and Funding Researcher.

The Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) is one of the most respected and recognized residential environmental education centers 
in the northeastern United States and is headed by Princeton graduate Jeff Rosalsky ’85. The mission of PEEC is to advance environmental education, sustainable living, and appreciation for nature through hands-on experience in a national park.  PEEC’s innovative EcoZone includes a life-sized bald eagle’s nest and bat cave. Opportunities include Translator  and Sustainability Energy Technology Coordinator.

The Petey Greene Prisoner Assistance Program in the greater Princeton area recruits and trains undergraduates, graduate students and local residents 
to be effective tutors and teachers in nearby prisons. They also raise awareness of the need for reform in the prison system. Princeton alumnus Jim Farrin ’58 co-founded Petey Greene and is looking to fill the following position: Expansion Plan Program Manager

The Westminster Community Life Center serves neighborhood families in the greater Trenton area through supplemental educational services such as after school programming and early literacy intervention.  Their GetSET afterschool program has strong ties to the PACE Center. Opportunities include Fiscal Support SpecialistHuman Resources Strategist and Grant Research Specialist

Contact Rachel Benevento, the Community Volunteers Program Manager, with questions by clicking here.


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