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Post: Propeller videos available online

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Propeller videos available online

LInks to Recorded Propeller Talks


October 2021 (Joby Aviation & The Future of Urban Mobility) Joby Aviation & The Future of Urban Mobility 

September 2021 (Prevention of Myopia & Treatment of Metabolic  Disorders) Prevention of Myopia & Treatment of Metabolic Disorders:  Surprising New Roles for Light-Based Disease Therapies 

June 2021 (Vertical Urban Farming) Vertical Urban Farming: A Technological Solution to Farming in  the 21st Century & Beyond 

May 2021 (Medical Drone Delivery) Transforming Medical Logistics with Drones:  Bringing Health Products to Africa, the US & Beyond Not Released 

April, 2021 (AI & Developing Autonomous Commercial Vehicles) How AI is Empowering a Non-Collision Driving World:  Possibilities, Limitations & Next Steps 

March, 2021 (Offshore Aquaculture) Offshore Aquaculture & World Protein Demand: Commercial  Incentives to Fulfill Conservation Imperatives 

October, 2020 (Hydrofoiling) Technical Innovations in Hydrofoiling: Breakthroughs in Crafting  ‘The Boat That Flies’ 

September, 2020 (US Postal Innovations) American Postal Innovations: What Citizens Need to Know  

June, 2020 (COVID @ Local Level) An Up-To-Date Briefing on COVID-19 Infection: And Dealing with  this Pandemic at the Local Level 

May, 2020 (Telemedicine/Telehealth) COVID-19 Unleashes Telemedicine Innovations: New Paradigms  for Delivering Patient Care 

Spring, 2020 (Princeton Propellers Response to COVID-19) Princeton Propellers New Flight Plan 

September, 2019 (Reprise of the December, 2018 Propeller) Assessing a New Treatment for Age-Related Macular Degeneration


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