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Post: PA3 Blazes a Trail

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PA3 Blazes a Trail

November 12, 2011: While several thousand unhappy Princeton fans watched their football team fall to Yale, a dozen Princeton fans of another sort enjoyed a rewarding day clearing a mile-long trail in the beautiful St. Michael’s Preserve in Hopewell. Volunteers (as shown in the group photo) were, rear row: Paul Nehring ’10, Lauren Senesac GS, Doug Ling ’83, Philo Elmer ’69; front row: Victoria Stabile p11, Cole Schlesinger GS, Arlen Hastings ’80, Jim Robertson ’91 with daughter Kiri, Lydia Zaininger ’83, and Alexandra Ling, Doug’s daughter. Jim Amon, D&R Greenway’s stewardship director, led the way and told us about the ecology of the preserve.

More photos on Facebook.

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