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Post: First Friday Lunch - Jason McSheene of Molecular Biology

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First Friday Lunch - Jason McSheene of Molecular Biology

PA3 welcomed Jason McSheene, a PhD candidate in the Molecular Biology department at our First Friday lunch at the Nassau Club on April 5th, 2013.  The group was riveted by Jason's description of, among other things, the development of the zebrafish embryo.  To get a sense of how this development looks, Jason recommended watching  He also described for the group the importance of the Nodal gene and how it is expressed in left-right patterning.  The following schematic provides more detail.

Left-Right Patterning

Jason also mentioned Professor Bonnie Bassler's fascinating work and suggested watching her TED Talk on bacterial communication at .

What a wonderful and interesting luncheon!

Posted by lydia over 9 years ago.