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AlumniCorps Emerging Leaders Program

Princeton AlumniCorps is now accepting applications for our Emerging Leaders professional development program.  

Find out why participants consider this high-impact, affordable program to be  "the most amazing year of my life, professionally"; "a powerful catalyst for my professional growth''; and  "an incredibly useful series of workshops." 

Emerging Leaders equips talented young managers from diverse backgrounds with the skills, training, relationships, and confidence to launch them into leadership roles and boost the capacity of the nonprofit sector. Participants benefit from our mature network of social change leaders and professional mentors. Emerging Leaders interact with a range of top-level executives and broaden their sector-wide knowledge and network through sessions facilitated by a highly trained executive coach.  

  • Programs are offered in New York and Washington, DC and run for a total of 8 full-day, monthly sessions from June 2013 to February 2014 (skipping August).
  • Alumni from any college or university who meet our application criteria are welcome to apply by March 15th, 2013.  
  • Participants must have 2-8 years of total full-time work experience, including at least one in the nonprofit sector; they must also be currently employed in the nonprofit sector and have some degree of management responsibilities, including supervising staff, vendors or volunteers and/or leading projects where they coordinate and oversee the work of others.
  • The application fee is $30. (The application fee is waived for alumni of the Princeton Project 55 Fellowship Program). In order to ensure Emerging Leaders is accessible to younger professionals in the nonprofit sector, the participation fee is $500. Employers can choose to cover the cost. Similar professional development programs have a value of up to $4,000-$5,000 per participant.

For more information, visit our website. To get the perspective of program participants, visit our blog.


To get on our mailing list for important updates, please e-mail Rachel Benevento, the Emerging Leaders Program Director.

Posted by Princeton AAA almost 9 years ago.