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Post: Restore Our Shore ORANGE Wristbands - Support a Good Cause!

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Restore Our Shore ORANGE Wristbands - Support a Good Cause!

**We have sold more than 50 wristbands and exhausted our supply. Thank you for supporting Restore Our Shore!**

Restore Our Shore is “organizing & mobilizing the residents of NJ to provide funds to local charities assisting in rebuilding NJ coastal towns devastated by Hurricane Sandy.” Among other things, they’re asking retailers to sell wristbands for $5, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. So far, wristbands have only been available in selected shops around New Jersey and a handful of other places. So what’s a faraway New Jersey Shore lover to do?

PA3 to the rescue! Why? Because it’s for a good cause – and because the wristbands are orange, so we couldn’t resist. We’ll mail wristbands anywhere in the U.S. and will cover the cost of postage. (If you want a wristband sent outside the U.S., please email us, and we’ll work something out.)

Please use this link to order wristbands, for $5 each. Quantities are limited; order yours soon!

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Posted by Princeton AAA over 7 years ago.